About the Blog

As a big enthusiast of yogurt, I sometimes say to people: “I can survive on yogurt alone.” It is definitely not the healthiest dietary structure, but it works to address the indispensability of yogurt in my life. 

When I came to U.S. from China three months ago, everything was somehow different. Most of the differences are delightful, unfortunately, yogurt is not one of them. Searching on the selves of supermarket, It’s difficult to find the pleasant flavor of pain yogurt that I’m familiar with Yoplait tastes astringent Kemps’ yogurt is grainy and pungent, Activia is too sweet, Oikos has too much pigment. I’m so annoyed that I felt like manufacturers poisoned my beloved food with excessive additives. From where, I started to wonder: what make yogurts different? How to make yogurt with the best taste without compromising its nutrition?

In order to satisfy my curious mind ( Well, actually my appetite), I bought a yogurt machine and began to make yogurt on my own. Experimenting with varies temperatures, milks, times was so much fun, and I can’t wait to share my experience and the knowledge I’ve learnt during the process.

Here I am, a big yogurt lover is on her way to become a “yogurter”.


About Me


Hi, nice to meet you in the cyberspace. I’m Linxiao Li, graduate student at Walter Cronkite school of Journalism and Mass Communication, ASU. I also work for Reynolds Center for Business Journalism as a graduate assistant.

As I am going through changes all the time, it’s kind of hard to define myself.  I was born and raised in China, utterly immersed in Chinese culture. U.S. to me is like a lifetime pan-pal, I heard from her every now and then but never got the chance to meet. I’m glad that this summer I finally introduced myself to this familiar stranger.

For undergraduate study, I majored in business journalism and minored in finance in Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing. During the 4 years there, I took several internships at media and technology companies, including CCTV, Financial Times(Chinese) and Atos. Those wonderful experiences sparked my fascination(or some would say obsession) with the business of technology.

If I have to use no more than one word to describe myself, I would choose curious. I’m curious about almost EVERYTHING, and drawn to action.

Hope you can have a good experience reading my posts. Thanks for following my blog!



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